Meat Cutter - Greenville, SC, USA - 3532

Needed Meat cutter who is familiar with Brisket,Pork and Rib Meats.must be have a good personality as you will be required to interact with the public at the same time as performing your duties
The willingness to work hard and be a part of a team with a great attitude and learn the world of BBQ.
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Expeditor - Greenville, SC, USA

Needed entry level to assist the Meat cutter in fulfilling orders in a high volume setting. 
Great attitude and desire to advance and willingness to learn and perform numerous duties
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Bartender - Greenville, SC, USA

Need Bartender who can professionally handle the duties of the bar and manage the outside seating. This will be only a beer & Wine establishment with high volume. 
must have experience
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Cashiers - Greenville, SC, USA

Need Cashiers with POS experience and able to work in a fast paced enviroment and perform multiple tasks.
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